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Dell Latitude D610 Wireless Driver Download Install Update

I recently received a couple of hand me down Dell Latitude D laptops. I installed the latest long term support version, Lucid Lynx — The biggest — shoot, the only — problem so far has been the wireless. But for now, at least, I can at least get back into the cloud and sneaker net or reboot into Windows and then access my NTFS share from Ubuntu for files I grab from my internal network anything else I need.

The drivers were already installed on Ubuntu for me, so I was able to run the modprobe command and it found the driver without any additional downloads. Another weird experience in a past upgrade was that I had to have a hard-wired connection during install for the networking support to be installed. Without that, neither the network jack nor wireless antenna worked, but reinstalling with that connection grabbed all the components I needed for my network access.

Nice written article, as if it came out of PC world. Then I read your minibio and realize it was written by a tech genuis. The Latitude I have is about 4 years old. If you have that card, you do not need to use ndiswrapper. The ipw driver is in Ubuntu I know this because I went down the ndiswrapper route first and then backed out of it.

My problem was always about connecting. Ubuntu actually found the hardware fine iwconfig. Until I did, the install did not activate any networking so I was dead in the water. I had to reboot into Windows XP each time I wanted to get network access, then reboot back out into Ubuntu. The upside was that this showed that the hardware was fine. The wireless network could also see access points, another positive iwlist. But it would never connect. But it supports WPA just fine.

I stumbled upon the suggestion that perhaps the Intel driver was installed but not enabled. That solved my particular problem. By invoking modprobe ipw , I have been able to get the wireless driver to connect. Once it did, it stored a profile in my network manager and everything seems to be working as it should and does on my more modern Dell netbook, also running Ubuntu. Open up a terminal window and run it at a command prompt.

Dell Latitude D610 Wireless Driver Download

Wireless network adapter for Latitude D610

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Dell Latitude D610

Dell Latitude D610 Wireless Driver Download

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