Generic Pcl Printer Driver Windows 7 Latest

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Generic Pcl Printer Driver Windows 7 Install Update

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I've recently upgraded a machine to Windows 7 x This machine has a printer attached. According to HP's site, the printer is no going to be supported in Windows 7.

Are there generic drivers that may suffice? Low-end HP printers ie: Home-use ones are 'host-based' -only printers. Meaning they use the computer's CPU to do the printing processing, and require a specific driver to do it.

This keeps the price low, but the major trade-off is as you've discovered when the printer gets end-of-life'd by the manufacturer they stop making drivers, and the printers aren't compatible with any other drivers. You can try the HP "universal" printer driver , but the isn't on the supported printer list, and from trying to get 's working with Vista in the past personally, it's not going to happen even with a hacked apart XP driver , especially when you throw bit into the mix.

That makes it hard to use another driver to talk to it. I had similar issues with HP , the driver was simply never made for Win7 64bit. I used the driver for another HP LaserJet.

HP driver site - universal driver. I just posted on similar subject here: Also it's shared to 32bit Windows 7 machines in LAN. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there even such a thing as a generic printer driver? Dane O'Connor 6 15 Curious to see if anyone has a solution, I'm having trouble as well with 64 bit Windows and HP printers Sorry I don't have better news. Paul Leclerc 21 1. HP driver site - universal driver simple as could be: The LaserJet drivers seem to work just fine. Under "Devices and Printers", choose "Add a printer" You will most likely need to press the "Windows Update" button to get an updated list Choose HP LaserJet If given the option, choose to replace the existing driver Print a test page.

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Generic Pcl Printer Driver Windows 7

Windows 7 Canon Generic Pcl6 Driver/page/99

Generic PCL printer driver? Anonymous Mar 1, , 8: It should be generic and like a mini-driver without any fancy printer-specific features it don't have to be able to brew coffee or fold the output into oragami-birds or anything. The only requirements are: If none exists, does anyone know if it is possible to write such a generic PCL driver based on the Microsoft unidriver technology? Thanks in advance, Nicolaj Rasmussen. More about generic printer driver. BobS Mar 2, , 1: This may be of some help http: If that doesn't fit the bill, try doing a Google using "generic PCL driver".

Generic PCL printer driver?

Generic Pcl Printer Driver Windows 7

This is a notification for Microsoft more than anything. They made the decision to screw up their own software and it's their job to fix it. I work in a place where we have members of the general public using our wireless printer. People often fail to install the printer correctly, which results in print jobs getting botched. It used to be the case and still is the case when using Linux that a failed printer install for a black and white laser printer could be rectified by selecting a Generic PCL5 or PCL6 driver and you were off to the races. Microsoft removed this option, so now I have to deal with people who've failed to install the wireless printer properly, sitting there and getting impatient while I have to download and install the driver files for our wireless printer.

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