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Burns Hudson modified his 3 camera to replace the internal microphone with an external microphone. This was done so that he could use the camera inside his helmet and have the microphone correctly positioned. The result is a driver-eye view and excellent audio. The full construction details and photos are here. The Camera is great for Spying or Surveillance, at least in the manner that I use it. My co-workers have used it as well, and we love it so far. All of those device add too many complications, and setup.

I have wasted hundreds of dollars in the past trying to find "the answer" to the problem I end up with at work occasionally I do workers' comp surveillance, and have been using the camera at work for about a month now, and have used it to film a "subject" unknowingly while in an elevator with her and her husband who is three times my size! It is even the best performance, even taking into account what some would consider to be poor quality video. The device allows much more video to be obtained at a closer range than many other "spy" methods, and that makes up for a lot.

Just to give you an example of my "second best" method, is an example at a Target Supercenter, you might find me hiding behind a clothing rack with a Sony DV Camera The problem is with that device, that TWO devices failed on me in one month A note about the audio, in my profession as a "spy" it is best to not have any audio. I have accomplished this in two ways: Fortunately in this case, the cheap soldering job allowed the wires to pull right out of the solder, leaving no trace of any modificatons.

The cheap screws would not stay in any longer, so two drops of superglue replaced them. VirtualDub - Step frame by frame. This is the recommended method.

VirtualDub - Difference between frame count and key frame count thanks Tom. How to determine the Hardware ID of your camera. Try to put your camera in webcam mode. If you can't, your camera might not support webcam mode.

Enter webcam mode, Not the 1 camera - There are two ways: Connect the USB cable. Once connected as a mass storage device a quick press of the power button will switch to webcam mode. Quick press again to switch back to mass storage mode.

Press and hold the mode button, then connect the USB cable. When the camera LED comes on, release the mode button. Once Windows installs the mass storage device, press the camera power button for 2 seconds. Gumpack camera - Put the camera switch on and the audio switch on. Hold the power button down for 10 seconds, connect the USB cable, then release the power button. You might have to do this twice. If there is no installed webcam driver, Windows will display "Found new device" and open a a popup window "Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard".

Don't close the popup window. Open the Device Manager. Double click the yellow "? Select the detail tab. In this example the Hardware ID is 05e1 0b You can close the Windows popup, and the Device Manager. The internal flash memory chip is FAT32 with three partitions. The first partition contains the four system software BIN files: The serial flash chip is used to hold the application software. Loaded into executable RAM at boot time. Factory - The factory connects the USB cable and initiates system mode.

The camera user should never need to use system mode. User - Pressing the power button initiates the bootstrap loader, a small executable program in the CPU. Factory Scenario 1 — Before the camera is assembled, the application software is loaded into the serial flash memory chip. The camera is assembled. There is no system software to install. Factory Scenario 2 — The camera is assembled. The application is programmed into the serial flash memory chip.

User - Pressing the power button initiates the operating system which is resident on the CPU. The operating system bootstrap loader loads the application from the serial flash chip to part of the executable RAM. They are a big electronics company in Taiwan with many subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, etc.

Sunplus m m edia is a subsidiary of Sunplus Technology Co. The CPU in the 3 camera has the m m logo. How I discovered this - On my version 3 camera, if I hold the mode switch down and connect the USB, Windows will try to load a "general image device". The vendor id is Sunplus Technology Co. I can't find any reference to product id I contacted the seller and he said there is no driver for a webcam or image device. A video player could use an internal or external video codec. On my computer there are two MJPG external codec's: On my computer the selected external codec is ffdshow.

This 1 camera claims to have a video resolution of x So how could this be measured? My 1 camera can resolve a checkerboard at squares per horizontal width but not That average is So I would say that the video camera pixel resolution really is a x I decided to research this question by printing up a checkerboard of black-and-white squares on a letter size paper.

I took photos and video of that pattern at different distances. I used my Canon SD x camera in image mode and my 1 car keys camera in video mode. Video frame from my 1 camera, cropped video image, checkerboard of 80x60 squares. With my SD camera the pattern can no longer be distinguished as a checkerboard with more than checkerboard squares per frame width. That's about 3 horizontal pixels per checkerboard square. There must be at least 3 horizontal pixels per square to resolve a checkerboard image.

At the point where the checkerboard can't be resolved, the horizontal pixel resolution of the camera is about 3 times the checkerboard resolution. I review each version on it's own page: This different is now the See the 14 page. Lens Centered or Offset. I got a 3 camera from an eBay auction that mentioned the correct "cues" about the video and image size x and x respectively.

Among others, there is a camera vendor tag "SunplusMM" and model "Spca", and more interesting, a program name tag that is "V" in my camera I was able to put about mAh into the battery, so the running time will be much higher than with charging on USB.

I checked the capacity after 30 minutes filming, my charger had put 65mAh into the battery. Problem - When recording and the battery dies, sometimes there are AVI files with zero length, and sometime the micro SD card appears full. Solution - Jaco emailed me this solution which he tried twice, and both times it worked: The problem with blank files occur when you plug the camera into the PC without turning the camera on.

To resolve this just press and hold the power button for a few seconds till the light comes on using whatever remaining power is in the battery and THEN plug it into the PC. Some cameras support a webcam driver, some don't. To find a webcam driver for your camera, you need to know the Hardware ID of your camera's webcam mode, then you can look for a webcam driver to match the Hardware ID. Here is how to do that. The filters I have are 52mm to fit my Nikon D40 which I had modified with a nm plate in place of the infrared blocking plate hot plate.

The conversion is similar to what Lifepixel does. Of course I will have to cut one down in size to fit correctly on a keychain camera. As far as things to photograph in infrared, the camera sensors only pick up out to about nm and "heat" is way longer than that. There are special sensors to read longer wavelengths see http: My favourite infrared subjects are green foliage which because it reflects most of the infrared, appears white see my Flickr infrared pics.

Then of course there's the X-ray see-through-clothing claims, which really doesn't work unless under ideal read set-up circumstances.

Car Keys Micro Camera Driver Download

Camera #1 Software Architecture

About Car Keys Micro Camera Shop the large inventory of gadgets and electronics including surveillance and miniature spy cameras! Skip to main content. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Supporting built-in OS or mainstream video players. Supporting continuous shooting 3 pictures. You can set it to auto record with external power. The new version added TV output video only as required by many users. Slightly smaller angle of view but with less vignetting. IR filter at back, a

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Car Keys Micro Camera Driver Download

Some sellers offer more services like testing each camera and installing the latest camera firmware. It has a real on off switch off also resets the date time and one button for all photo and video operation. The green LED may turn on indicating that the battery is charging. Each second, some cameras produce 30 frames which are a combination of unique frames and duplicate frames, and write them to the video file. With IR filter at front, the lens itself will look a little red. Plastic case is slightly different. Micro SD card slot. A SPI flash chip that holds the firmware. If you car keys micro-camera invalid combinations or values, the Camera will not perform as expected. Once the battery is fully charged via the USB cable, disconnect the cable. Anyone have any insight as to when I turn it on and hit record the yellow light stays lit?

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