Samsung Scx-4200 Printer Driver For Linux Latest

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Samsung Scx-4200 Printer Driver For Linux Install Update

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? See the Release Announcements Section. Send this topic Print. Author Read times. Mr Plod New to Forums I am trying to install a Samsung SCX laser printer.

I have checked out the Samsung site and it doesn't show a linux driver. I've also trolled the internet for the last 3 days and the only thing I can come up with is 'Splix'. I've attached a system info doc, because I can!

February 22, , I am a Linux Virgin. The driver is available in the repos open a terminal and type: The Truth is out there. Thank You Mr ShaggyDope! Not that it matters too much There is a slightly outdated thread for this on ubuntu which is the base for LL http: It's very hard to find exact instructions not owning the actual hardware. I'll look into the scanner at some time in the future. The main thing was to get my Printer working. Once Again Thank You Mel.

PayPal Supporter Forum Regular You can also try installing the Windows drivers in Wine, and try to print a test page with it. It might be worth the shot to try a program called Simple Scan and see if it recognizes that Samsung Scanner. Hope it goes well.

Samsung Scx-4200 Printer Driver For Linux

Samsung SCX-4200 Scanner Drivers Download

The Samsung SCXW is a compact and robust printer designed for personal users in business houses and small offices with a sleek, small and lightweight design that is easy to install and place anywhere either on the desk or chair of your workspace. The printer is clad in stunning black with multifunctional print and scan that lets you complete your daily work faster and easier. This unit is only able to complete the work in a small package that has only one paper tray that loads sheets of standard size that feels lacking for inkjet printers with fast printing capabilities. This machine also has the support of many interesting features that provide ease in operating it and produce a perfect output and quality. The SCXW also has a flatbed scanner with a hinged cover that provides comfort, so you can easily scan thin books in one page. SCXW also has software support for maximum performance that enables you to complete your work to improve print performance more efficiently for your small business development.

SCX-4200 Driver

Samsung Scx-4200 Printer Driver For Linux

The Samsung SCX also be a house business workplace or go back to school for a day day. This publishing device you can see one flat bed laser device multiple function-based publishing device is the tiniest of the Samsung SCX The SCX is designed to be an cost-effective and lightweight publishing device for small workplace and house use. This multi-function laser device publishing device seated Open the scanning device lid to expose the size of the A4 flat bed scanning device, and raised the lid depend to provide dense genuine ones. Samsung SCX Record feedback keeps up to pieces of document duplicates and can be designed to shop up to lawful dimension document, even though in this settings, the cassette will jut out from the returning of the printing device. The main outcome port functions a flip-out creases to corral document and can keep up to 50 linens. In the returning of the printing device is a entrance that allows for a directly pass-through. Samsung SCX deficiency of a fax device is a significant disadvantage for this printer-oriented Office. When making duplicates, you can make frequent changes, such as improving the variety of duplicates up to 99 , picture percent , change the duplicate night, and revealed the kind of unique. Use the Copy special choice, you can do a few things.

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