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The game is played out in four cities: Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, each of which remain only partially faithful to the actual city layouts. The game was notable at the time of its original release insofar as the player was able to explore each city as an open world environment. The game was designed to mimic s and s car chase films. One of the most notable allusions to the film is the "Training" level at the beginning of the game, which is very similar to a scene in the film in which the driver played by Ryan O'Neal must prove his skills to his potential employers in a parking garage.

The music, character design, and the cars themselves, are inspired by films such as 's Bullitt and television series such as Starsky and Hutch. The game features a "Film Director" mode, where a run can be replayed with cameras chosen by the player, and a "Quick Replay", where the cameras are automatically selected. Once the player has unlocked a given city in the main story, they have the option to drive around that city in open world mode.

When a city is unlocked, several other modes also become available for play; "Pursuit", "Getaway", "Checkpoint", and "Carnage" only available in the Windows port. After the single-player mode game is completed, several cheats are made available to the player.

Among them are skipping the garage-training mission, giving the car super speed PC only , immunity to police cars, invincibility, or the ability to drive in Newcastle upon Tyne where Reflections Interactive is based. The game tells the story of John Tanner, a detective with the NYPD, going undercover in order to infiltrate organized crime by impressing the bosses with difficult driving missions e.

Tanner was chosen for this mission because of his unique driving skills, which he gained from his time as a racecar driver. Share with your Friends: Find out how else you can support emuparadise. It's free, easy and feels damn good! For starters, share this page with your friends.

Use the links above: For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section. Emuparadise Advertise on EP! So you what you see? E How to Play this Game? Overview The original Driver is a classic driving game for the original Playstation.

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Driver 1 Ps1 Download Pc

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Ada juga game gta versi playstation 1 akan tetapi tidak sesuai harapan, karena view nya dari atas sedangkan Driver 2 ini sama persis seperti GTA. Permainan berawal dari kota chicago anda akan memerankan sebagai Pink Lenny yang sedang membicarakan komplotan geng di sebuah bar. Akan tetapi ada 2 orang yang tidak di kenal masuk ke bar tersebut dan ingin membunuh Pink Lenny. Akan tetapi pink lenny berhasil meloloskan diri dari pintu belakang, dari sanalah kalian akan menjalankan sebuah misi yang penuh dengan tantangan. Kalian bebas untuk mencuri mobil yang kalian inginkan, bahkan mobil polisi pun bisa kalian curi. Biasanya mobil yang sedang parkir itu sering di kunci dan ada juga yang tidak. Tetapi yang harus kalian waspadai itu polisi, biasanya saat kita mencuri polisi, biasanya ada polisi yang sedang berpatroli. Nah kalian juga dapat melihat icon di pojok kiri atas, itu menunjukan adanya polisi serta darah mobil.

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Driver 1 Ps1 Download Pc

Cadastre-se e receba direto no seu e-mail. Namun sayang karena ini game PS1 tidak bisa berenang ataupun naik pesawat serta melakukan perkelahian. Game ini sangat seru sekali bisa menaiki mobil dan melakukan kejar-kejaran bersama polisi. Anda juga bisa menabrak orang kalau bisa hahaha. Rugi sekali jika anda tidak download ini karena ukuranya sangat kecil dan mengasikan sekali. Saya yakin jika anda memainkan ini pasti ingin cari gara-gara sama polisi ketimbang memilih misi hehe. Baiklah ini adalah beberapa screen shot yang saya ambil dari google.

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