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Ricoh Printer Driver Editor Tool Install Update

Results 1 to 5 of 5. It is not clear at first launch in what order to achieve a customized print driver package so I fiddled around and arrived at the following. First a link to a video instruction I put together followed by the actual instructions. Below are 4 steps to create a customized installer package. When you first run the Packager you will notice several window panes: The first thing to do is download a driver file from Ricoh and expand it into a folder. You will then load the driver model into the Driver Manager pane.

To do this you click on the Add Driver button and browse to the expanded folder for that model and click on the start search button. A list of available models will be displayed and you will select one and click the start button. You can name it as you wish, give it a description and then click on the next button. Click the finish button and you will see it populate into the list of driver files in the driver manager. Print Configuration File Manager: A new window will open asking the method to add the print configuration file either newly create or import external file.

Typically you will be using the newly create option and click OK. Next a window will open allowing you to customize the options as you wish like black and white by default, one sided by default, etc. There are 2 tabs one being the Basic Configuration for those types of options just mentioned and Option Configuration for things like popups and user codes. In the upper left corner of this window you can save your preferences by clicking on the little disk icon.

Finally when you close this preferences window you will be prompted to give your preferences a Print Configuration Name. Under the Device View window pane you will click on the Add Device button. The other items are optional like serial number, MAC address, etc. Click OK and you will then see your new device populate into the list of devices.

To create an installer package you will select from one of the devices you created in Device Manager and go to the Manager menu item at the top and choose Create Installer Packages. This option will not be available unless a device has been selected. This is to reduce file size and unnecessary additional drivers.

Once you check this box you will want to check the box from the list below for the Print Configuration File you created previously with your custom settings. Finally you will click on the OK button at the bottom and you will be prompted for where to save the package. You can create a new folder for saving and proceed to the next window where you can click the start button which will then process and create your package in the destination folder you created.

If you navigate to the folder where you created your package you will notice an executable file for installation. When you launch the executable it will install the driver with all the custom settings as expected. Last edited by mhanes sdwp. Print Driver Packager NX Instructions The Ricoh print driver editor is much smaller to download, easier to use and is used to edit the driver defaults prior to installing. PDE is no longer available from Ricoh, but can still be downloaded from Softpedia.

Just do an internet search for "Ricoh print driver editor" and click on the Softpedia link. Or you can PM me and I can email it to you. Size of zip file is just over 23MB. It was all I needed. A how-to like this, focussed on the basics, is definitely the way to get started on a complex utility. So now, job done in short order. Originally Posted by BeardieBob.

Thanks heaps to mhanes for sharing this. Originally Posted by mhanes sdwp. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Ricoh Printer Driver Editor Tool

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Ricoh Printer Driver Editor Tool

There is this annoying Windows Update issue for the past couple months. I also tried using Windows Update troubleshooter in Control Panel, but it didn't work either. Another solution I tried was downloading this " show or hide updates tool " and hid the Ricoh update but Windows Update still tries to install this Ricoh driver. My office uses Ricoh multi-function printer connected with Ethernet cable, I can still print documents normally. I don't think I need this driver at all. Other updates were always installed without any issues. And I think Windows tries to install this update every night so my laptop woke from sleep every night thus I found my laptop with dead battery at work every morning. Sometimes when I clear printer drivers caches I see multiple printers even when the owner insists he doesn't have any of those printers. A laptop may install a printer because it's on the same network at a coffee shop, restaurant, friend's house, vacation home, or had a previous owner, etc.

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